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Romantic-Style Gardens

Magnolia is the last large scale Romantic Gardens left in the United States. The Romantic Garden movement has its roots in the industrial revolution in Europe, and is tied directly to the empowerment of the common man. When he went to work in the factories, he wanted to design gardens that would help him forget the dreary life offered during the workday. A good definition of a romantic garden is an "Extravagant Liar". Truly, this is what a romantic garden is designed to do, to "lie" you into forgetting the normality of everyday life. Romantic Gardens are designed to take the viewer to a place where emotion takes precedent over reason. Surprise awaits around every corner. Form, balance and symmetry are thrown to the wind and these gardens are designed to appeal directly to the soul.

We hope that you come and visit us so that you can experience how one family's vision of creating order and beauty in an untamed new world has evolved over the centuries into the magnificent sprawling gardens that the public can enjoy today.



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