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Enjoy this peaceful "Magnolia Moment" with Kate, our floriculturist. She teaches you a bit about the history of oak trees and the relationship between live oaks and the resurrection ferns that grow on the trees. Subscribe to our channel to see more "Magnolia Moments!"





Katherine Reeves White talks about 400 yards of Cottage Gardens along the RiverWalk. She talks about the mix of Perennials, Biannuals, and Annuals in this most historic heart of gardening along the AshleyRiver.



Joseph McGill, History and Culture Coordinator and also founder of The Slave Dwelling Project, interprets our Slave Cabins built in the1840's and occupied up to the 1990's.



Why we are talking about Magnolia: Its history and horticulture. Joseph McGill, History/Cultural Coordinator, and Kirk Ryan Brown, National Outreach Coordinator, are spending time working with the staff to develop a series of videos that will provide information about the gardens through the coming days.



John Bartram appears and reviews his 300 year connection with the horticultural collections at the gardens.



Katie Dickson uses Magnolia Gardens to cut flowers for home arrangements. Several moments will create new ideas to brighten your living spaces.



Katie Dickson, Magnolia's Floraculturist, continues her flower arranging talks with a description of the flowers she cut in our back yard.



Katherine Reeves White introduces Magnolia's Camellia Collection. Twenty-seven thousand plants in the ground that represent more than one thousand different species, hybrids and cultivars. Also, Magnolia introduced more than 140 new cultivars and hybrids to the trade!



Caroline Howell introduces us to the history of the Drayton Family and the third Plantation House on the property.



John Bartram talks about the international trade in plant material that came from his travels along the Eastern Seaboard of North America.



Caroline Howell, Director Historical Program, is upstaged by a proud Peacock while talking about the history of Magnolia's Plantation House.



Katie Dickson brings a garden indoors with some ideas about creating unique arrangements.



Tom Johnson posted an old photograph of the front gate being opened to traffic. It was from the early part of the last century. We went out to that gate to capture today's view of the same piece of original wrought iron still in place more than 100 years later. When it's time, you'll have to come back and take notice!



Katherine Reeves White, Head of Horticulture, talks more about the Magnolia introductions of more than 140 cultivars and hybrids from their famous Camellia Collection.


One week into the video tour of the history and horticulture of Magnolia. Joseph McGill risks Route 61--Ashley River Road--to talk about the 'New' main entrance to the garden. Did you know that this was originally the back door?



This is one of my favorites! Caroline Howell talks about the grandmother to the Rev John Grimke Drayton's generation. It was the foundation story for our #RomanticGarden. We have an original oil portrait of her.




Shirah Leigh Goldweber, Director Promotions/Special Events, is still conducting tours of our #WeddingVenues. She's using digital video technology to answer all your questions about schedules, facilities, and rentals.



Kirk Ryan Brown, National Outreach Coordinator, talks about two generations of the Drayton family before and during the American Revolution. Did you know that at one point both Drayton Hall and Magnolia Plantation were owned by the same person?




Joseph McGill talks about rice fields and rookeries. An interesting view on some of the stops along the Nature Train.



Caroline Howell talks about Magnolia's local Audubon. There is a series of paintings by Edward von Siebold Dingle commissioned by the Drayton family to illustrate the birds to be found on our plantation. We have more than sixty in the proposed series that he did not live to complete.



Katherine Reeves White, Head of Horticulture for the Gardens, describes Magnolia's search for heritage Southern seeds planted in the enslaved's garden plots behind the cabin. Hear about the veggies being grown and the sources from which they come.



Joseph McGill talks about the long view of history at Magnolia and also the city of Charleston SC.


Kathleen 'Katie' Dickson tells you how to wrap up a decorative centerpiece from live material in your garden. Put color, texture, form, and flowers together to create a beautiful indoor arrangement.



Joseph McGill visits the Historic Cemetery used by the enslaved prior to the Civil War, and the final resting place for many of their descendants up until the 1990's. This is a very special edition of our ongoing videos.



Head of Horticulture, Katherine Reeves White, shares the history of Magnolia's Camellia collection. 1,100 different species/cultivars on the property with more than 140 introduced by the Drayton family over the past 180 years.



National Outreach Coordinator, Kirk Ryan Brown, brings John Bartram to Magnolia to speak about Magnolia's emphasis on Nature and the interconnection of Plants and Animals and the preservation of Natural Resources.



Katherine 'Katie' Dickson, Floriculturist, talks about creating the perfect Easter Flower Arrangement just in time for Sunday dinner.



Katherine 'Kate' White takes a closer look at the heart of Magnolia's Historic Garden. It's been a wonderful year for it.



Big oaks grow from little acorns. John Bartram talks about America's native oak trees and Magnolia's Live Oak Allee.



Katherine Reeves White, Head of Horticulture, continues her presentation of the Camellia Collection at Magnolia. This episode deals with their care, feeding, pruning and promoting.



Katie Dickson, Floriculturist, talks about the veggies Magnolia is cultivating in its Heritage Food Garden behind the 1850 Slave Cabins. She goes further back in Native Agriculture and describes Three Sisters planting.



Joseph McGill, History/Culture Coordinator, introduces the food production area behind the Slave Cabins. The garden this season is being filled with heritage plants that would have been cultivated by the enslaved for personal consumption. Put it on a list of places you need to see!



John Bartram traveled the eastern seaboard collecting America's riches of new botanical introductions. His trips took him past the Holy City: Charleston, SC and Magnolia Plantation. Put it on a list of places you need to see!



Kathleen 'Katie' Dickson, Floriculturist. Spanish Moss has a place in the history of ornamental horticulture in the South. Without it, any great Oak Allee would be missing one of its most Romantic Garden attributes. Here's the low-down on the mysteries of this enigmatic high-up plant.



Katherine Reeves White talks about the veggies going into our summer garden plot. Here's the low-down on the mysteries of this enigmatic high-up plant.



Joseph McGill describes The Slave Dwelling Project and its start at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens ten years ago. Here's the low-down on the mysteries of this enigmatic high-up plant.



John Bartram talks about Botanical Illustration and his friendship with Mark Catesby over his publication of Natural History of Carolina.



Katie Dickson, Floriculturist, talks about our plant selection for the newly installed food production plot behind the historic Slave Cabins. She describes how to plant Companion Plants that add insect and disease resistance to some food crops.



John Bartram talks about the many problems of shipping plants across the North Atlantic in leaking wooden boats. This is a bit of 18th Century fun.



Katherine Reeves White, Head of Horticulture, takes a Garden Walk along the Ashley River. This is a bit of 18th Century fun.



Joseph McGill presents the preservation of the Slave Cabins in their historic context.



Joe McGill, History/Culture Coordinator, talks about the creation of his The Slave Dwelling Project. This is Part II. Join Joe on his many travels online and across the country. Stay tuned for his Magnolia Slave Cabin programming.


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